Monday, January 26, 2009

Soul'ed Out

It was a tiring day at work and out of the blue,
my Very-busy-with-his-New-Business-Best-Friend called me up for dinner.
At first he wanted to go to our usual Subang hang out,
but I was like,
let's get a life & travel a bit.
Yeah.. we Subang people tend to stay, lepak and eat in Subang.
It's a very difficult habit to break.
But, tonight, off we went to Hartamas!

This place is one of my favorite places to eat.
*thumbs up*

However, if you go during weekends, especially at night, you should know better.. The parking @ Hartamas is ridiculous, but great news, for RM5 you get to Jockey your car here @ Souled Out!

So there's smoking & non smoking. Even for the air-conditioned area, there's smoking place as well. The place's cozy, and if you're out on a date, I suggest you dine upstairs. Don't sit downstairs, as it is open air, and very, very noisy.

This is Ice Blended Coffee with Haagen Daz Ice Cream.

This is, heaven. If you know me well enough, I'm a sucker for Ice Blended/ Ice creams/ Mocha and everything nice.

But Haagen Daz? Is definately my MUST-HAVES!!!

However, note to self:- This coffee could have tasted better.

They mixed the ice together with the ice cream, so it kinda spoils the taste of the ice cream. I'd rather they just blend and milkshake the Ice-cream, without including the ice.

This is what my friend had.
I didn't try it, but it looked so lovely.

"Dragon Fly Juice"
Yes, made from Dragon Fruit.

And we also ordered "Hot Chocolate" because my best friend wanted to be "Cultured" THeee..

Let me introduce you to our starters...

"Fried Wanton"
Takde la sedap sangat..

I mean, nothing special about it, tasted just like how a Fried Wanton should taste..

"Chicken Caesar Salad"

Yesss.. I know... I'm a huge fan for Caeasar Salad!

Well, the salad was A-OK. Nothing special.

And of course,

"Chicken Wings"

It's just fried Chicken Wings, not marinated or anything. Okay lah. Good for snacks.

My best friend ordered

"Cantonese Kuey Tiaw"

Yeah.. came all the way to order this....

But then, it was good. (Yes, I curi some)

And last but not least,

the reason I chosed to drive alllll the way to Hartamas.......

"Bolognese Spagetti Twist"

Ohhhhhhhhh my godddddddddddddddd.....


If you LOVE CHEESE, you gotta have this.
If you LOVE SPAGETTI, you gotta have this.
If you LOVE BOLOGNESE, you gotta have this.
If you LOVE LASAGNA, you gotta have this.

Simply said, please lah, just try.

Okayyy.. I'm a HUGE fan for cheese and pasta... so I might be bias..


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