Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So I was in One Utama, doing some last minute shopping before leaving for US of A.

Initially it was supposed to be a quick stop there, but then, I ended up being there from 11am until 8pm! Imagine that!

Well, I was with the baby, anyways, so no complains there. And he made me ride all these kiddy ride that costed me like RM5 per ride. LOL. And of course, I had to rent that buggy ride because he wants to ride the school bus trolley, instead of walking. Hmmmm..

Anyway, we decided to have lunch at deLicious.

I've always been a real fan of this place.
Everything about it is so delicious.

It is, afterall, deLicious :)

Chicken Caesar Salad
Take your pick, either Chicken or Salmon.
You can also ask for just Caesar Salad.
I usually pick the Chicken, and ask for extra Caesar dressing because

I think the dressing is a killer one.
Yummy. The salad's very fresh and crunchy.
I don't really dig the chicken, tho

Vietnamese Chicken Salad
I especially loved the cucumber and the crunchie-ness of it all, but I'm NOT really a peanut fan, therefore I didn't enjoy the peanut dressing.
I find peanut sauce/peanut butter an annoying taste, so forgive me, you peanut lovers out there :D

French Union Soup

Definately MY FAV bcoz I ordered 2 bowls of it. Really, tasty, and served hot.

It is topped with layers of cheese, of which I really, really like, because it was so rich and refreshing.

Sirloin Steak Sandwich
I didn't like the side salad, as it has a weird taste to it.

The sandwich was delicious, good as snack as well, but I rather order the Burger if I was hungry.

The fries was good, tho.

Smoked Salmon Angelhair


I love Angelhair, anytime, as compared to Spagetti, because I love how delicate it tasted and how easy it is to swallow it.

The salmon was fresh, and the cabonara sauce was NOT TOO creamy (but still, creamy:). But too much of it wud still make you feel bloated :D

Strawberry Soda
My favorite drink here.
A perfect combo when you're having a creammmy pasta.
Don't go cari pasal order Iced Chocolate, you'd prolly throw up after that :D

But on normal outings, PLEASE DO ORDER THE Death By ICed Chocolate is it is one of the seven wonders of the Drinks Universe!

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