Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Coffee to Die For

(PS:- This entry was written on the 06th Nov 2008)
In some ways it was a typical breakfast.
The waitress was pleasant.
The eggs were average.
The coffee was good.
And, the restaurant was full of busy people.

I was having the same breakfast, at the same place, with the same people, doing the same thing.
But today, while everything was in order - quite typical and as normal as it can be,
Nothing felt the same.
I was, rejuvenated.

This morning, I finally, decided, I'm good and ready for a change.
That's when I experienced a paradigm shift.
Timely, it was.

While everything remains equal,I began to see things from a different perspective.
I began to focus on different aspects of the phenomena in my life.
I began to make new meanings from my experiences.
The shift made me re-analyze my old and current experiences, and my brain began to raise new questions.
New links to the experiences was created.
And finally, a different prediction was generated.
It felt like magic.

So this was how it all started.

My paradigm shift.
My journey.

I welcome you :)

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Hello. The name is Aziati.
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I ♥ when you wine & dine me.
So lately, I've been going out a lot
(Eh, let me rephrase, I have always been going out a lot, it's just, lately..)
Lately, I decided to capture all the food that I've tasted, together with the dining experience, and FLOG it online.
It has made my outings more meaningful.

And also, I get to share my FOOD HUNTING EXPERIENCES with you! :)
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