Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to eat Porridge

Now, Aliff wants his air time as well.
So, he is going to teach you,
"How to eat Porridge"

Readers, when you're about to eat porridge,
please follow Aliff's step by step guide.

Step 1:- Buat muka kesian.

So that people will focus on you, and take your picture.
And then, from there, you can start to pose, and teach people how to eat porridge.
>> Warming up to the session..
Giving me "What-You-Want? Look

Step 2:- Be in control

Know your audience.
So now, you're aware people are watching.
Give them your macho look.
And take control of the porridge!

Step 3:- Slowly & carefully scoop the porridge.

Slightly open your mouth so that you can start to imagine how it's gonna taste like..

Step 4:- Slowly and gently put the spoon in your mouth.

You should learn to enjoy porridge. Eat slowly.

But if you can't eat slowly, slambe la telan semua all at once, like this!

Step 6:- Smileee!!!

You gotta smile once you finished your porridge.
Not only for porridge, for ANY kind of food that you eat!
because we're lucky we are able to eat!

Okay thank you.

Kan? Kan?

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