Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Station 1 Cafe

(PS:- This entry was written on the 27th Nov 2008)
Tonight was Sara's Tahlil, 40 hari :(
(Tolong sedekahkan Al-Fatihah for my beloved cousin.. Thank you)

After that, we went for Supper at Station 1.
I passed by that restaurant for thousands time, but never bothered to try it.
But since now I have a new resolution cum hobby (which is to really Food & Coffee hunt, and capture every taste), we decided to makan there.

Name: Station 1
Place : SS15, Subang Jaya
Time : 24 Hours
Ambiance : Hip
Status : Unknown

The Menu

The place's very hip.
They even have karoake on the 1st Floor.
It's open air, so you can smoke anywhere you like.
They offer a "comprehensive yet unique" range of food, from Western to Chinese to Local to even Rusian food!

I already ate at the Tahlil, so I ordered:= "

" Mocha Chips Ice Blended"

It tasted like Ice Blended Mocha (finally), but of course, still not up to my expectation.
It was good, but not great.
However, I enjoyed the "Love Letters", it was crispy and tasty enough eventhough dah kena sumbat dalam Iced Blended tu :)
Overall I would rate it 4 out of 10.

Also, ordered:- "Strawberry Lemonade Blend"

This one is a thumbs up! It kinda tasted like Strawberry Margherita. Virgin :)

Also, additional drink:-
" Peach Tea"

He ordered food:= " Korean Chicken Noodle"

And this is how we eat it...

I'm not so much of a noodle fan.
However, I kena paksa to try it, and it actually tasted good.
But again, I'm not really noodle fan.
It tasted like Maggi Ayam.
Anyway, for Noodle lovers, I guess it must have tasted really good, because he ordered TWO for him!
Well, it was either it was that good, or I ate too much of his food.
Overall I would rate it 4 out of 10.

I guess we had too much Mocha
(he ordered the same drink, boring.... takleh curi-curi minom),
so we ordered Air Kosong satu.

Surprisingly, the Air Kosong satu was good.
They put Lemon it in, and it was quite refreshing.
Or maybe, we had too much Mocha.

Just so you know, I didn't order any food.
So this was what I did, while waiting for a certain someone to habiskan his food.

(Dah la I wasn't eating, brader boleh layan tambah, order dua mangkuk pulak...)

Station 1:- Scale 1 to 10, 10 being the best

Overall Food Experience:- 5
(Noodle was good. Tasty. Lembut/)

Overall Ambiance Experience:- 3
(Typical Lepak place.)

Overall Menu Offering:- 6
(Wide selection! Kudos to the Beverage selection, unique offering!

Overall Customer Service:- 4
(Nothing outstanding bout the customer service)

Thank you.

Oh ya, I thought when I got back home, the eating session was over.
But my brother, he just had to cook something.
Jeng jeng jeng!

Let me introduce you to:-

" Maggi Murtabak!!! "

Even the name for the dish dah ajaib.
I don't know where he gets the idea on what to put in his cooking, but he just does.
It was actually from Maggi Kari, mixed together with Eggs, and lots of other ingredients I don't really know because I don't cook.
On top of that, there's Mayonise!!
And guess what, it was SEDAP!!!!
(I'm a bit bias when it comes to Azam's cooking, I'm such a nice Kakak)

I, obviously ate what he cooked,
eventhough I already eat, and should really, really watch my weight.
Makan at 1am.
But I love him, so I makan.
Overall I would rate 10 out of 10, because air dicincang takkan putus. Hahaha

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