Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alexis Gardens

It was late, I was once again, craving for Coffee.
So we went to Alexis.

I ordered Coffee with Ice Cream, and also Ice Blended Mocha.

It was NOT that good, tho.
Quite dissapointing, because the food at Alexis is amazing.
Coffee? A Let down!

Anyway, we got hungry, and ordered

Tapas! Mushroom

Yummmy! Great when you're out just chilling, snacking.

Pizza Funghi

Thin pizza. If you're a cheese lover, you're gonna love this.
Not too creamy, just nice.
Great for snacks :D

I forgot what this is called.
It looks weird, I know, but its good.
Fettuchini a Funghi or something.
Really can't recall.

This, ladies & gentlemen,

My favorite dish
"Braised Duck"
Yummmy... So soft and tender.

Okay okay...
My other favorite dish at Alexis is the Rib Eye Steak, you should really try that. Served with Black Pepper sauce, but I've been told (by the head waiter himself), that they put wine in it.
But again, on a different occasion, I asked, they say NO, NO WINE...
Well, your call.
Don't say I didnt tell you!

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