Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Empress Cafe

Have you ever had the cravings for pies?

My god, this place has the most mmm-pie ever!
Chicken pie!

Say hello to Empress Cafe!

Yummy.. See that, me favorite dish! Served with Salad.... and gravy!

This is how it looks like.. Sinful.. How sinful..

Chicken Pie with Caesar Salad & Gravy.
When you order this, please take note that you have to wait 15 minutes for it.
As per the waitress, it is freshly cooked. Hmmm.
Oh well, regardless, you still have to wait.
I thought it was worth the wait :)

Oh yeah, I brought my Team here for lunch.
Today was the stressful Target Setting day, so I thought, why not, yeah?
Try something different.
Plus, we were hunting for the "Army" Shirts for the Jungle Night in Club Med.

Say helooo Team!

This is Nazira. See how her face GLOWS?
I think this is what pregnancy does to you.

Anyway, for my starter, I ordered Loaded Potato Skin!

And also Popiah Basah :)

As for drinks, of course, Coffeee.

Ice Coffee with Ice Cream

My overall dining experience?
To be honest, the food was not that great, but I just love the chicken pie.
May I warn you, the service there is terrible!
They are very, very slow.
Eventho there's hardly a crowd there
(yeah, most people choose to be at the hip and happening Laundry Bar opposite this cafe),
it will still take them roughly 20 mins to bring your food over!

Well, I'd recommend this to those for first dates, tho..
You know, you can spend more time with your ahem, and like, bitch about the service,
you know.. keep the conversation flowing ;)

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