Saturday, November 29, 2008

Serai Thai Restaurant

Tonight we berjaya got out from Subang Jaya!

We decided it was time for Thai Food, so we went to Serai in Shah Alam.
Well, the REAL reason of us going there, was because of the owner ;)

This is the owner. Her name is Qistina and she is yummy. Hehehe ;)

Name: Restaurant Thai:- Serai
Place : Seksyen 2, Shah Alam
Time : 9am - 10pm
Ambiance : Elegant
Status : Halal

So cute.. Name of restaurant, Serai. Hehehe

Very elegant. I like it becoz it's so cozy and it feels like home.

Do take note that the place is extra, extra cold.
So you can either:-
a) Bring a jacket
b) Bring a person to warm you ;)
c) Makan Tom Yam yang panas

We, chose Option 3.

Tom Yam Seafood

Yummmyyy! The Tom Yam was tasty!
Very generous on the seafood offering, they have Sotong, Fish Fillet & Prawns.
It's not that pedas, so if you're a pedas eater, you have to let the waiter know :)

Malam ni makan besar, since it's a Saturday, and it was a lonnggg day :D
This is Asparagus.

Asparagus Masak Merah
My favorite vegetable indeed. I really enjoyed eating it as it was so crunchy and fresh. The sambal was not pedas, it was 'just' nice, which suited the taste of the asparagus.

This is our chicken.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

The offering of the chicken was quite sikit, probably because initially we were supposed to come just the two of us, but ended up four of us! :) Anyway,

This is our Butter Prawn

Butter Prawn

I gotta admit, this was my favorite dish of the night! DELICIOUS! I loved the prawns! No, no, I especially loved the crumbs (which was made out of eggs... that had to be cooked for like 40 minutes or so - as I interviewed Qistina..)

Ini adalah ikan

Dont know ini masak apa, coz Enddee yang order :)

This is me, kenyang and can hardly move. Hehehe.

Liyana & Shahnaz was either happy with the food or, too busy posing... Hm.

Ini budak malu.

Anyway, overall, I thought it was a lovely experience. The shop was nicely decorated and the food was tasty.

At least we found a hang out place outside of Subang Jaya.. Finally!

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