Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spicy Grill Fish Stall

Today we got back from work at 11 pm.
Gosh.It was a rainy and, tiring day.
Since we belum makan dinner, we went to Asia Cafe.
(or some people like to call it "AC" or pronounce it "A-sher" or A-SI-YA-KA-FE")

Name: Spicy Grill Fish Stall @ Asia Cafe
Place : SS15, Subang Jaya
Time : 24 Hours
Ambiance : Hip
Status : Unknown (However, they only serve Seafood)

Spicy Grill Fish, 3rd shop from the Bird Cage in Asia Cafe

Where you select your makanan laut

Sila duduk di sini. Low profile sikit. :)

But, If you wanna join the 'cool' crowd, you go la in front of the big screen at the platform, opposite the Bird Cage :)
My favorite spot is the place in front of the Cyber Cafe, beside the bar, also got TV and platform, however, it's peaceful there.
You can actually hear the person in front of you talking.
(Tapi harini kan hujan:)

I ordered Vanilla Coke - safe selection.
Taste good, always :)

He ordered:-
" Teh O' Ais "

The Teh O' Ais was too sweet.
Tak sedap.

Terima kasih :)

For dinner, I ordered:-
" Spicy Bamboo Lala with Extra Kacang Botol."

Bamboo Lala usually rasa cam tak fresh sikit, and this one, as usual, tasted tak fresh lah.
But I think that's how it should taste kot?
Haha. Anyway, I way prefer the Kacang Botol, which was fresh.
The sauce was good, spicy but not too spicy.
But if you makan banyak-banyak, ada jugak la keluar air mata coz pedas :P
Overall I would rate 4 out of 10.

He ordered:-

" Spicy "Unknown Species" Fish."

I really don't know what fish it was, because we only pointed out to the Abang, "Ha.. Nak ini ikan."
And that Abang so nice, he said, "Ok okay, You buy 1, free 1" LOL.
The fish was not that spicy.
And, also, it was too sweet.
Overall I would rate 4 out of 10.

Eventho the food was rated ONLY 4 out of 10.....

Bye bye Bamboo Lala :(

Bye bye Ikan :(

Spicy Grill Fish Stall:- Scale 1 to 10, 10 being the best
Overall Food Experience:- 4

(Not bad la, usually lagi sedap.)

Overall Ambiance Experience:- 5
( Lepak place, but very happening lah.)

Overall Menu Offering:- 4
(They only have NOT SPICY, SPICY and EXTRA SPICY. Only 2 type of Vege, Kacang Botol & Petai. And limited Seafood)

Overall Customer Service:- 7
(Sallute! Abang Fishy tu so friendly, and all 3 Bangladeshis that served us was extra, extra friendly too... Hehehehe)

Lepas makan, tak reti-reti nak balik.

Thank you.

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