Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Williams Warung

I'm changing the way I flog my entries.

From now on, no more Grandmother stories (well, unless, I feel like telling you my Grandmother stories:), I will just comment on the food, or rate it. That's it. Thanks.

So I went to Williams with couple of friends. We actually ate a lot, but somehow I forgot to take pictures of the food. Grr. Walking to Williams. Hihi
This is Williams at night. The place is ALWAYS crowded, as you can see.
Well, Hello there ;) This is Mr William himself!

I was reading this book called "Financial Freedom" and he came to me saying:-
William:- Let me tell you up front, DON'T read the book!!!!
Me:- Hmm.. Why?
William:- Because... I can tell you the ANSWER NOW.
Me:- What's that?
Williams:- Key to Financial Freedom, MARRY A RICH MAN!

Hahahaha. Sabar je la aku.

So I ordered:- "Lychee Ribena Blended"

Too sweet. But what fascinated me was the lychee had turned purple. Heh. (And also they kedekut Lychee, gave me like 2, 3 of it ONLY)

For dinner, I ordered "Spagetti Seafood Cabonara"

Well, the Cabonara sauce tasted more like mushroom soup, however they were generous with the seafood offering. The portion was HUGE, and for 'diet' girls out there, you better share when you order. I didnt really enjoy it, as I'm a cheese lover, and it didnt taste that cheesy to me.

Liyana ordered:-"Spagetti Seafood Marinara"

Her food was good. I enjoyed eating hers more than mine.

This is my bestest best friend. As you can see in the picture sedang eat my cabonara, he is (tanpa serba salah), finishing up my food. Hehehe. PS> He ordered "Nasi Goreng Soft Shell Crab" and it looked really good, and I dont recall him asking me if I'd like to have some? Hahaha
Rajmal ordered:-"Roti Canai Hawaian"

I was really intrigued when he ordered that. Pizza roti canai. Weird. I didnt try that one as well, because malu nak mintak dari Mal. *LOL*

This is them after kenyang. My rating:-

Thank you.

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