Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's crazy when you want to let go, you keep holding on.
And when you want to move on, but you're stuck right where you started.


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tako Balls

Please go to Asia Cafe, SS15; and eat this awesome Tako Balls.

Tolong observe betapa sabarnya Abang Tako tu membelek each balls.
(Hahaha it's fascinating ;)

It comes 6 in a box.
You can choose either Octopus, Prawn or Crabstick.
And you should really eat it with the Wasabi that they provide.

Oh My God.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to eat Porridge

Now, Aliff wants his air time as well.
So, he is going to teach you,
"How to eat Porridge"

Readers, when you're about to eat porridge,
please follow Aliff's step by step guide.

Step 1:- Buat muka kesian.

So that people will focus on you, and take your picture.
And then, from there, you can start to pose, and teach people how to eat porridge.
>> Warming up to the session..
Giving me "What-You-Want? Look

Step 2:- Be in control

Know your audience.
So now, you're aware people are watching.
Give them your macho look.
And take control of the porridge!

Step 3:- Slowly & carefully scoop the porridge.

Slightly open your mouth so that you can start to imagine how it's gonna taste like..

Step 4:- Slowly and gently put the spoon in your mouth.

You should learn to enjoy porridge. Eat slowly.

But if you can't eat slowly, slambe la telan semua all at once, like this!

Step 6:- Smileee!!!

You gotta smile once you finished your porridge.
Not only for porridge, for ANY kind of food that you eat!
because we're lucky we are able to eat!

Okay thank you.

Kan? Kan?

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Soul'ed Out

It was a tiring day at work and out of the blue,
my Very-busy-with-his-New-Business-Best-Friend called me up for dinner.
At first he wanted to go to our usual Subang hang out,
but I was like,
let's get a life & travel a bit.
Yeah.. we Subang people tend to stay, lepak and eat in Subang.
It's a very difficult habit to break.
But, tonight, off we went to Hartamas!

This place is one of my favorite places to eat.
*thumbs up*

However, if you go during weekends, especially at night, you should know better.. The parking @ Hartamas is ridiculous, but great news, for RM5 you get to Jockey your car here @ Souled Out!

So there's smoking & non smoking. Even for the air-conditioned area, there's smoking place as well. The place's cozy, and if you're out on a date, I suggest you dine upstairs. Don't sit downstairs, as it is open air, and very, very noisy.

This is Ice Blended Coffee with Haagen Daz Ice Cream.

This is, heaven. If you know me well enough, I'm a sucker for Ice Blended/ Ice creams/ Mocha and everything nice.

But Haagen Daz? Is definately my MUST-HAVES!!!

However, note to self:- This coffee could have tasted better.

They mixed the ice together with the ice cream, so it kinda spoils the taste of the ice cream. I'd rather they just blend and milkshake the Ice-cream, without including the ice.

This is what my friend had.
I didn't try it, but it looked so lovely.

"Dragon Fly Juice"
Yes, made from Dragon Fruit.

And we also ordered "Hot Chocolate" because my best friend wanted to be "Cultured" THeee..

Let me introduce you to our starters...

"Fried Wanton"
Takde la sedap sangat..

I mean, nothing special about it, tasted just like how a Fried Wanton should taste..

"Chicken Caesar Salad"

Yesss.. I know... I'm a huge fan for Caeasar Salad!

Well, the salad was A-OK. Nothing special.

And of course,

"Chicken Wings"

It's just fried Chicken Wings, not marinated or anything. Okay lah. Good for snacks.

My best friend ordered

"Cantonese Kuey Tiaw"

Yeah.. came all the way to order this....

But then, it was good. (Yes, I curi some)

And last but not least,

the reason I chosed to drive alllll the way to Hartamas.......

"Bolognese Spagetti Twist"

Ohhhhhhhhh my godddddddddddddddd.....


If you LOVE CHEESE, you gotta have this.
If you LOVE SPAGETTI, you gotta have this.
If you LOVE BOLOGNESE, you gotta have this.
If you LOVE LASAGNA, you gotta have this.

Simply said, please lah, just try.

Okayyy.. I'm a HUGE fan for cheese and pasta... so I might be bias..


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Vichuda Thai Restaurant

When Enddee got back from Japan, he suddenly had this huge appetite and started to crave for many many things.

I think he might be pregnant.

Anyway, tonight he craved for "Steamed Fish" but it was already 10pm, so it was quite difficult to actually find a place that opens til late that serves "Steam Fish". So round and round we went until I remembered.. "heyyyyy.. Vichuda!"

So to Vichuda we went.

Okay... Let's have a look at the menu :)

Hmm.. Wide selection of food.
Interesting, it's already 10.30pm, and still, everything in the menu was still available!

Well, it was just the 2 of us, but then again,
I think Enddee's pregnant, so we ordered for 3. Hahahaha

Excuse the quality of the pictures, as I forgot to bring my camera. I took this using my phone!

For vege, we ordered
Baby Kailan Masak Biasa
At first we thought of ordering Kailan Ikan Masin, but when the Menu wrote Masak Biasa, I thought it was cool, because Biasa was usually Ikan Masin, so I wondered how Biasa would taste if not cooked Ikan Masin style? Er, if you know what I mean lah. Hahaha. Anyway, it was delicious. Cubalah.

This is a MUST-HAVE for Enddee.
I don't know what is it with him and telor goreng.
Well, no comments on the taste, as telor goreng usually taste kinda the same.
(Unless the ones that I cooked lah, because mom taught me a trick on how to make it extra sedap. Hahaha. Not like I cook that often, but I thought I'd highlight it here...heeeee)

Okay... this is NOT what it looks like.
It kinda looks like baby chicken right?
Macam anak ayam yang baru lahir..
Anyway, this is
"Udang goreng Tepung"

As for me, my MUST-HAVES...

Tom Yam Seafood

The tom yam's quite pedas, but I don't really like it. (Eventho I did, finished it off..hehe) I prefer the ones yang red in color, not the clear soup type.

This is how they serve the rice.
I liked the bowl, that's why I took the picture :D

And this is, Sambal Belacan.

(Please la don't eat this if you're out on your first date..) Hahaha

Okay so now..... the reason for travelling up to Damansara at 10.30pm....... STEAMED FISH!!!!

"Steamed Fish Lime"
I think that's what it's called.

I lovedddd the fish! Tasty. Fresh.
Thumbs up, was worth it :)

So yeah... overall experience, very fulfilling.
Yeah, all that, only 2 orang makan.
I should watch my weight. Hmmm!

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  • Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Empress Cafe

    Have you ever had the cravings for pies?

    My god, this place has the most mmm-pie ever!
    Chicken pie!

    Say hello to Empress Cafe!

    Yummy.. See that, me favorite dish! Served with Salad.... and gravy!

    This is how it looks like.. Sinful.. How sinful..

    Chicken Pie with Caesar Salad & Gravy.
    When you order this, please take note that you have to wait 15 minutes for it.
    As per the waitress, it is freshly cooked. Hmmm.
    Oh well, regardless, you still have to wait.
    I thought it was worth the wait :)

    Oh yeah, I brought my Team here for lunch.
    Today was the stressful Target Setting day, so I thought, why not, yeah?
    Try something different.
    Plus, we were hunting for the "Army" Shirts for the Jungle Night in Club Med.

    Say helooo Team!

    This is Nazira. See how her face GLOWS?
    I think this is what pregnancy does to you.
    You GLOW!

    Anyway, for my starter, I ordered Loaded Potato Skin!

    And also Popiah Basah :)

    As for drinks, of course, Coffeee.

    Ice Coffee with Ice Cream

    My overall dining experience?
    To be honest, the food was not that great, but I just love the chicken pie.
    May I warn you, the service there is terrible!
    They are very, very slow.
    Eventho there's hardly a crowd there
    (yeah, most people choose to be at the hip and happening Laundry Bar opposite this cafe),
    it will still take them roughly 20 mins to bring your food over!

    Well, I'd recommend this to those for first dates, tho..
    You know, you can spend more time with your ahem, and like, bitch about the service,
    you know.. keep the conversation flowing ;)

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  • Tuesday, January 6, 2009


    So I was in One Utama, doing some last minute shopping before leaving for US of A.

    Initially it was supposed to be a quick stop there, but then, I ended up being there from 11am until 8pm! Imagine that!

    Well, I was with the baby, anyways, so no complains there. And he made me ride all these kiddy ride that costed me like RM5 per ride. LOL. And of course, I had to rent that buggy ride because he wants to ride the school bus trolley, instead of walking. Hmmmm..

    Anyway, we decided to have lunch at deLicious.

    I've always been a real fan of this place.
    Everything about it is so delicious.

    It is, afterall, deLicious :)

    Chicken Caesar Salad
    Take your pick, either Chicken or Salmon.
    You can also ask for just Caesar Salad.
    I usually pick the Chicken, and ask for extra Caesar dressing because

    I think the dressing is a killer one.
    Yummy. The salad's very fresh and crunchy.
    I don't really dig the chicken, tho

    Vietnamese Chicken Salad
    I especially loved the cucumber and the crunchie-ness of it all, but I'm NOT really a peanut fan, therefore I didn't enjoy the peanut dressing.
    I find peanut sauce/peanut butter an annoying taste, so forgive me, you peanut lovers out there :D

    French Union Soup

    Definately MY FAV bcoz I ordered 2 bowls of it. Really, tasty, and served hot.

    It is topped with layers of cheese, of which I really, really like, because it was so rich and refreshing.

    Sirloin Steak Sandwich
    I didn't like the side salad, as it has a weird taste to it.

    The sandwich was delicious, good as snack as well, but I rather order the Burger if I was hungry.

    The fries was good, tho.

    Smoked Salmon Angelhair


    I love Angelhair, anytime, as compared to Spagetti, because I love how delicate it tasted and how easy it is to swallow it.

    The salmon was fresh, and the cabonara sauce was NOT TOO creamy (but still, creamy:). But too much of it wud still make you feel bloated :D

    Strawberry Soda
    My favorite drink here.
    A perfect combo when you're having a creammmy pasta.
    Don't go cari pasal order Iced Chocolate, you'd prolly throw up after that :D

    But on normal outings, PLEASE DO ORDER THE Death By ICed Chocolate is it is one of the seven wonders of the Drinks Universe!

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    Hello. The name is Aziati.
    Image Hosted by
    I ♥ when you wine & dine me.
    So lately, I've been going out a lot
    (Eh, let me rephrase, I have always been going out a lot, it's just, lately..)
    Lately, I decided to capture all the food that I've tasted, together with the dining experience, and FLOG it online.
    It has made my outings more meaningful.

    And also, I get to share my FOOD HUNTING EXPERIENCES with you! :)
    Ssshh.. Gossips.


    "I do NOT need a kitchen at home.
    Only a place to eat & drink.
    Suggestions? Ideas?
    Leave a comment & I'll go!

    Thank you."